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Elite Sales Training

A note from Aaron

I have been training sales people in two different industries for nearly 25 years. Damn I am getting old. Unfortunately I have gotten a bit jaded as well. When I am able to hold people accountable to their goals, and for their actions, I have been very successful mentoring and training salespeople. Countless times I have given general and specific direction as to how originators can increase their productivity, and income. Many are motivated, yet the excitement dissipates quickly, and with little accountability there is rarely a return on my time. Some are skeptics, which I always found odd, as if I have anything to gain by teaching something that wouldn’t work. Rarely do I teach something I have not done personally without success. Many of occasions I have wondered why I should bother helping those that don’t seem to want my help, or simply do not implement and execute those things that I have taught them. Those that have an interest in this “Elite Sales Training,” I will require the following:


  • Not a single excuse for your weaknesses.

  • Must be motivated by success and be willing to sacrifice for that success.

  • Must be willing to work long hours.

  • Must have an Open Minded/Positive Attitude.

  • Cannot be a skeptic. Must be willing to “believe” prior to seeing results.

  • Have thick skin.

  • Must read or re-read Think and Grow Rich

Ask Poli! by Fannie Mae

Ask Poli! by Fannie Mae

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