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Symmetry Lending Heloc Webinar

Symmetry Lending is a wholesale outlet that we recently were approved with to be able to provide HELOC’s up to 89.99% CLTV. They work similar to that of TCF, so it is not a banked transaction. At this time we are only using the piggyback option. Starting December 3rd we will also offer the standalone HELOC option, we just have some programing in Encompass that needs to be thoroughly tested first. They are hosting a call with us next Wednesday, please see the details listed below.  Also check out some of the program highlights and the contact information for the different reps that we will utilize.


Symmetry Lending HELOC Webinar


Wednesday Nov. 28th at 8am pacific/11am ET:


Dial In: 605-475-4795


Access Code: 149865


Primary Residence:

680 Mid Score to 89.99% Max CLTV to $500K/$1.5M Max Combined Piggyback 

  • Piggyback can be SIMO or within 120 days of 1st mortgage closing (purchase or Refi)

  • We will use your appraisal and title (up to $250K) 

  • We follow DU/LP findings for:        

  • o  Short Sale, Foreclosure and BK Seasoning

  • o  Allowing income from Non-Occupant Co-Borrowers

  • o  Day 1 Certainty Income/Employment Documentation (Symmetry has zero Reserve requirements)

  • o  Trade Lines

  • o  Installment Debt (debts not included in ratios with 10 or less months remaining)

  • o  Payoff or pay down debt to qualify

  • o  Non Resident VISAs (only exception – no F-1)

  • o  Condo Project Limited Review to our max CLTV of 89.99%

  • ·     Allowing Restricted Stock Units (RSU) as income

  • Our overlays:

  • ·         

  • o The score we pull cannot be less than 680 for the Primary Wage Earner (Symmetry has no minimum credit score for lower earning co-borrowers)

  • o Just one ratio -  Max 45% for Primary; Max 43% for Second Homes

  • o Qualify using a 30 year P&I Payment at Start Rate + 2%

  • o Alimony/ Child Support Payments included in DTI (not deducted from Income)

  • o No Interest Only or Negative Amortizing First Mortgages

  • o Ineligible properties include: Investor properties; 3-4 unit properties; Properties with > 10 acres; No Ag or Commercial Zoning;

  • ·  No Mobile Homes (Manufactured Homes are allowed).


Contact Information for Approved States:


Arizona and Colorado

Jeff Nielsen



Southern California

Eric Moya



Northern California

Joanne Fabiano




Joe Hartman



Florida and Georgia

Jeff Thomas





Michelle Turcich



Additional states will be on board soon!