Welcome to THE HUB.

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The Hub

Geneva Fi

We are still in the process of fine tuning and open to suggestions and changes that may need to happen along the way.   Telle had a vision for this employee site and has worked tirelessly with Justin to bring this vision to fruition. 

It is here in the HUB you will come to check in and read new posts in Aaron's cockpit blog and with Tina's blog. It is herein the HUB you will find the information you need as an employee and for your work ahead.  The calendar will be updated with important events.   

As one of the web designers, I was amazed at how fast Geneva Fi is growing.  We will continue to work with the branch managers on fine tuning each branch on the main site, and your feedback is essential with The Hub.  

There are a few pages we are still working on. The library will be one of the last ones we finish up. We are 85% on the Employee Map site to find people. We are working with the designer that actually built the interactive map.  I believe there are a few more products to add and some pages are not quite complete. 

Enjoy your time at THE HUB.

Laurie Pace